I have known Annemarie Middelburg for some five years now. I was one of the supervisors of her PhD-thesis and as the then Director of INTERVICT I also came across her on a frequent basis in all kinds of different activities she undertook during her tenure in Tilburg. From day one she has struck me as a very active and able member of staff. She always operated in a remarkably independent way. She is curious by nature and has an astounding appetite for knowledge. She works long hours and she is highly disciplined. This enables her to be a prolific writer, as is also testified by her substantial list of publications. She is dedicated to her job and very result oriented. Annemarie operates on the basis of high quality standards; she is always looking for ways to improve her research and is never shy to consult others who can add a dimension or perspective to the problem at hand. All in all, I regard Annemarie Middelburg as a person who is ideally positioned to run her own business in consultancy and research in her extensive areas of expertise.

Prof.dr. Marc Groenhuijsen
Founding President INTERVICT (International Victimology Institute Tilburg)

Annemarie moderated the final panel of our conference on 'Gender-related vulnerabilities in the EU asylum procedures: Spotlight on FGM’. She was extremely thorough in her preparation of the event and coped with professionalism and grace with last minute changes. The panelists and participants were a mixture of different backgrounds, professions and experiences, including those directly affected by FGM; Annemarie was sensitive to the challenges that this presented and adapted the discussion accordingly. She also had the difficult task of summarizing and rounding up the conference at the end of the day. She did this succinctly, with energy and clarity and was really able to highlight our key recommendations and demands. I would recommend Annemarie as a speaker, moderator or panelist very highly. Aside from her professionalism, commitment and astute strategic thinking, she is a real pleasure to work with.

Natalie Kontoulis
Advocacy and Communications Officer End FGM European Network

I had the pleasure of having Annemarie as a teacher for the subject Public International Law for my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Amsterdam. Up until then I always enjoyed studying law but never really knew which field of law I would have liked to pursue. That all changed after attending the classes Annemarie gave. With her help I developed a strong interest and passion for Public International Law. With vivid examples from her impressive experience in the field she always knew how to fascinate me and bring the subject to live. Annemarie is skilled in teaching you to be accurate and pay attention to details while not losing eye for the bigger picture. She really motivates you to work hard and gives good advice as for how to plan your academic career. I enjoyed the experience of having Annemarie as a teacher immensely and I hope to have her as a teacher again or maybe one day work with her.

Frans-Joseph Biermans
Student at University of Amsterdam

I have worked with Annemarie on a number of occasions. Among others, I was one of her supervisors during her PhD research and we conducted a study for the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) entitled Female Genital Mutilation in the European Union and Croatia (2013). I appreciate Annemarie especially for her keen interest to learn, her determination and ability to deliver high quality work within strict deadlines. Her professionality is a real asset for anyone working with her.

Dr. Els Leye
Associate Professor, International Centre for Reproductive Health - Ghent University

Annemarie and I taught together the course ‘Public International Law’ at PPLE College in 2017. PPLE is a three-year interdisciplinary Bachelor's programme (combining Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) at the University of Amsterdam. Only a limited number of highly motivated and talented students are accepted to the challenging programme. First of all, Annemarie very knowledgeable, but she is also a hardworking and a solution-oriented colleague. She is a key player for the organization and implementation of the course. In the second place, it was great to share with Annemarie my research ideas as well as future career plans: Annemarie gave me great and valuable advice! It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to teaching the course with her next year again.

Dr. Marta Bo
Researcher, T.M.C. Asser Institute

Annemarie was my internship and Master’s thesis supervisor. She is a great professional, truly passionate about her Ph.D. research on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting and fully devoted to her work. Not only was I impressed by the love she showed towards her work as well as extraordinary supervisory skills, but also, due to her guidance and constructive feedback, she motivated me to perform well while working with her. Annemarie is a hard-working person, with great communications skills, knowing how to talk to people regardless of their background, has a strong personality and hands-on attitude. On a personal level, Annemarie has a warm and kind personality. I highly recommend her as a professional and knowledgeable researcher as well as a cheerful and amazing person.

Alina Balta
Graduate of Tilburg University and former INTERVICT intern

Annemarie joined us as a lecturer at the department of Public International Law and European Law at the University of Amsterdam. She taught the course ‘International Public Law’ (in Dutch Internationaal Publiekrecht) during the academic year 2016-2017. She is friendly as she is knowledgable, and contributed a great deal to the team. With her dedication, enthusiasm and relevant field experience, she inspired our students. As the coordinator of the course, I surely look forward to working with her again.

Dr. Antoinette Hildering
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

We invited Annemarie to chair and moderate an informative evening about female circumcision, organized by the Women's Group of Amnesty Nijmegen. Annemarie gave an interesting presentation about her fieldwork in Senegal and she clearly presented to the audience how complex the problem of female circumcision is. She nicely introduced the other speakers and she led the discussion with the audience perfectly. Annemarie closed the evening with a striking recapitulative speech. Tribute to the way Annemarie has led this evening.

Hélène van der Sijp
President of the Women's Group Amnesty Nijmegen