TV Show in India on FGM/C: Democracy News Live

November 25, 2020

The 23rd of November 2020, I was on Indian television! Rohit Gandhi, editor-in-chief of Democracy News Live, interviewed me on the importance of (criminal) laws and policies in combatting FGM/C. You can find more information about the show here.

Democracy News Live is a multimedia platform that stand to ring information and data that help us understand the core values of our world and our ability to be an equal part of it. I was not the only one invited for this show, but four incredible women joined me, namely:

  • Mariya Taher
  • Farzana Doctor
  • Masooma Ranalvi
  • Saza Raradilla

During the the interview, I explained that FGM/C is criminalised all over Europe and in many African countries too, but that a law is not enough. We need activists to spread the message and we need to hold governments accountable for not fulfilling their international obligations. But a law is a very important tool in the toolbox to end FGM/C, together with advocacy, awareness and education. I also explained to Rohit Gandhi that I was very sad to see that the process and efforts to adopt a law in India to end FGM/C have come to a halt due to COVID-19.

You can watch the whole show onĀ YouTube: