Fleur Godrie is joining Middelburg Human Rights Law Consultancy!

November 4, 2019

The 1st of November 2019, Fleur Godrie joined Middelburg Human Rights Law Consultancy. The past months I had so many assignments, that I realized that I could no longer do it all by myself. I am very happy and delighted that Fleur is joining my company! Fleur will be working 32 hours a week, which is very exciting. In this blog post, she’ll introduce herself.

  • Who are you?

I am a young professional in my late twenties living and working in Utrecht. As an independent consultant, I am able to involve in various projects of my interest.

In my work I mainly focus on health themes, specifically sexual and reproductive health, and moral questions. I do this through writing, facilitating, providing strategy and evaluations.

I prefer coffee over tea, volunteer for the elderly and love to jog, meditate and socialize.

  • What is your background/experience?

During my studies I figured that I was mostly interested in moral questions concerning health care. Therefore I combined these two specializations in a master program Philosophy, Bioethics & Health and International Public Health at VU University in Amsterdam. Here I immediately took the opportunity to pursue the certificate for Moral Case Deliberation facilitator.

For over three years I worked for a youth-led foundation that strives for sexual health and rights for youth worldwide. I have gained most of my professional skills through this experience (writing organizational strategies, managing programs, applying to funds, preparing and facilitating trainings, lobbying). In my work for the foundation I discovered the importance of youth participation in (international) politics. As of that moment I have been taking a stand for the voice of youth.

In my recent job at a subsidy organization I invested in social impact through funding procedures and was mainly involved in monitoring & evaluation.

  • Why do you team up with Middelburg Human Rights Law Consultancy?

I am drawn to Annemarie’s experience, vision and most of all courage. We found each other in our common goal to eliminate violence against women and girls. My focus on moral questions and the health aspect of these topics reinforces the expertise of Annemarie. Through our mutual work-ethic in transparency and compassion, we team up to try to make the world a better place.

Photo credit: Amanda Drost Photography